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Best New Year Wishes to all our Readers!

All of us at Reader's Abode would like to wish you everything of the best for 2018, and thank you for your support over the last year.

It's been great to connect with readers, and share some of our favourite novels and short stories with you.

Congratulations to the winners in our book give-away event, and a big thanks to the talented authors who contributed their books and their time. Authors David Meredith, R.M.James, Kerry J. Donovan, Brona Mills, Roberto Calas and H.L.Burke - you're awesome!

To those who didn't win - better luck next time.

Over the next few blog posts, we plan to cover three more famous authors in our SuperScribes series - Robert Burns, Ernest Hemingway and Chuck Wendig. Stay tuned to find out more about these great writers.

We'll then be starting our Book of the Month series, where we'll take it in turns to share reviews of some of the books we know and love. We'll be featuring some exciting authors, both new and established, so watch this space.

2018 is an exciting year for some of our authors - look out for new releases from Barbara Russell and Carly Marino, who will both be published in the next few months. We'll keep you updated!

And finally, look out for our new collection of free short stories to be released in March - if you haven't already signed up to receive our collections, now's a great time - click here to add your name to our mailing list.

Thanks again for sharing our reading experiences.

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