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Collection # 2: September 2017

Countdown to Extinction: Short Story by Randall Krzak ~ A scientist on a lonely mission critical to Earth's survival begins to suspect he may have company.


Electric: Poem by Alison McBain ~ What happens when a TV gets tired of its watchers?


Falling for Grace: Short Story by Barbara Russell ~ Jay is in love. He'd do anything for Grace, even watch a four-hour Russian movie.


Money for Kanya: Short Story by Alice Hill ~ Zamani plans to make Khanya's dream come true, but he's set himself a Herculean task. Can money buy happiness?


The Memory of Happiness: Short Story by Yelena Zeltser ~ Aleksandra remembers every moment of her life yet can't recall the last time she was happy. What is she willing to risk for happiness?

Confused: Poem by Alison McBain ~ A lovely little vegetable or a succulent fruit? A tomato is on a mission to find its identity.

Please Keep This Toilet Clean: [CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT] Short Story by Eddie Cantrell ~ When Ross Bradley urinates all over the seat, he fails to realize that some toilets are better left clean.

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