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Alison McBain

More poems coming soon!

Alison McBain is a former contributor and the previous website manager of Reader's Abode. She lives in Connecticut, where she is raising three girls and her husband. She is an award-winning author with more than sixty short stories and poems published. When not writing, she practices origami meditation and draws all over the walls of her house with the enthusiastic help of her kids. And once in a while, she puts on her Book Reviews Editor hat for the magazine Bewildering Stories.


Alison's poem "Tinged" was published in Defenestration, and her short story "Role Playing" will be published in the September issue of Retro Future Magazine. And if you happen to be in Connecticut, Alison will be doing a live flash fiction reading on October 13th at Best Video in Hamden, CT, together with a number of other supremely talented flash fiction writers. Stop by and say hi!


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